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Why People Buy A Lot Of Stuff In Very Small Time Frames

by Justin Goff on September 20, 2015

When people are trying to fix a problem, they tend to spend a LOT of money to fix that problem.

Most marketers understand this.

But most marketers don’t understand that the window for all of that spending is incredibly short.

For example…

Last year I got back into snowboarding after taking a few years off.  I hadn’t spent a dime on anything snowboarding related over the previous 4 years.  But when I decided to get back into it, I spent around $1500 on a new board, gloves, pants, jacket and a season pass in less than two days.

And the same thing happened when I remodeled my bedroom this past month.

Once I made the decision to change the bedroom, every purchase I made was made within a day (and without much thought about the price).  It started with a new picture for the space above my bed, some art for the walls and ended with a new bedside table and a few other things.  Total money spent was around $600.

This kind of thing tends to happen in every market.

I’ve been thinking about this more and more in regards to my business.  If someone makes the decision to purchase one of our supplements, they’ve made a choice to fix a problem in their life.

My BEST chance of getting them to buy more of our products is RIGHT AWAY when they’re in heat.

Most marketers tend to screw this up.

Sure they have a few upsells in their funnel, but where are the multiple follow ups?

Phone calls, autoresponders, direct mail…

These should all be major focuses in regards to selling the customer more products that will help them fix their problem (and they should be used right after the customer buys, not 4 weeks later).

When a buyer is in “heat” you have to pounce.

Because a buyer’s “heat” doesn’t usually last very long.

Someone itching to lose weight today, might be off that kick within a week.  But if you caught them while they were in heat, you could have sold them a weight loss book, supplements and a workout program.

And don’t feel bad for taking more of their money like most people do.

Selling them more stuff is a win-win.

You make more money, and they get better results.

– Justin




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