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Do you have an existing health information product or supplement business that you need help with?  Do you want advice about copywriting, your upsells, or driving traffic to your product?

Or maybe you’re interested in starting an online business, and you want to know if your idea will work…

If so, my consulting services may be a good fit for you…

Here’s the deal…

If you’re not willing to invest in good advice, then you’re probably not serious about your business.  I personally have spent $37,000 this year on consulting and coaching for myself.  I value good advice and I’m willing to pay good money for something that drastically improves my business.

In less than an hour of consulting with me, I will  give you advice and ideas that will not only make you a LOT of money, but also save you a TON of time & headaches.

For example, one of my previous consulting clients hired me for a full day of consulting for his info-product in the health niche.  He wanted me to look at his sales copy to see if I could improve it.  After doing a full deep-dive into his copy, I gave him 3 very specific ideas that I thought would improve the copy.  After implementing these ideas, this product went on to be profitable on cold traffic (it wasn’t before).  And over the last 3 years it has now sold 213,000 copies.  Making the owner a very rich and very happy guy.

That’s just one example of what I can do with consulting.

If you’re interested in hiring me for consulting, these are the areas I specialize in…

  • Sales copy for the Health/Fitness Market (supplements and info products)
  • Upsells (how to increase your average order value)
  • Backend sales and product creation for health products.

Consulting is done in person with me in Austin, Texas.  I do not like to fly, so I don’t travel for consulting gigs.

Consulting rates are as follows…

1 day:  $25k

2 days: $35k (both consulting days must be done back-to-back)

To get started, please send an email to me at (remove the NOSPAM part).

My assistant Laurie will get you setup, and book a date for your consulting session.

Looking forward to helping you….

-Justin Goff


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Monte Bertrand April 24, 2009 at 8:02 am

Justin –

I noticed that you bought a copy of continuity blueprint. I missed purchasing it. I really need to get a couple of niche sites off the ground (green carpentry and garage sales, believe it or not) and was hoping to use it as a business plan.

Would you suggest any other materials to help me develop my niche sites? Is there a competing product other than Ryan’s that I might use or a good website I might be able to subscribe to that has equivalent information?

Any help is greatly appreciated!

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