A few weeks ago Derek Halpern posted this quote on Facebook and it really resonated with me…

“There comes a time when you need to step up and start playing a bigger game.”

This quote got right to the point of how I’ve been thinking.

I think we all have a tendency to sell ourselves short in every area of our life.  You can step up and start playing a bigger game in everything you do – your business, your health, your relationships…

For me, 2012 was not the year I hoped it would be.  I was pretty much just “coasting” and settling for what was easy when it came to my business.

It was a mediocre year for me.

This year is different.

My new business is showing monster potential, and I have no doubt that Brandon and I will turn this into a 7 figure business within the next 12 months.  This is where I’ve always believed my business should be.

I have the skills and the knowledge to get it there. Now it’s time to keep pushing forward and dedicating myself to playing a bigger game.

I don’t want my business to just be in competition with other internet marketers.  I want to compete with Boardroom.  I want to compete with BottomLine.  I want to compete with the best of the best.

Why do we settle for a good business when we could have a great one?   Why do we settle for dating someone who’s average, when we could be in love with someone who’s exceptional?  Why do we settle for helping a few people when we could help thousands?

It’s time to stop thinking small.

It’s time to step up and start playing a bigger game.



How Bad Do You Want It?

by justin on November 4, 2012

When you strip everything away, this is essentially the only thing that determines if you’ll be successful…

How bad do you want it?

Earlier this month I held a private, high-level mastermind in Columbus for 12 of the best internet marketers in the world.  During my 50 minute presentation, I shared a lot of the nitty-gritty details of my story and how I got to where I am today.

I talked about how I “beat the system” and made really good money right after college.

Then I talked about how I lost everything and hit absolute rock bottom 2 years ago.  I talked about how I was nearly dead broke, heartbroken, depressed beyond what I could ever imagine and  how I turned that shitty situation around and made $180,000 in sales in just 3 months.

The funny thing is, my story isn’t that different from most of the guys in this industry.

I failed over and over and over again when I got started.  And after talking with the guys at the mastermind, I realized that was a pretty common theme between all of us.

But the thing that separated the 13 guys in that room from most of the “online guys” I know is we all just flat out wanted it more.

At its core, this is really what being successful boils down to.

The other day, A friend of mine asked me what I’m gonna do if the new business I’m launching doesn’t end up working…

I told him that’s not really an option – because there’s really only one thing that’s going to happen, and that’s me turning this into a million dollar business in 12 months.  It might not be successful the first week, or even the first month, but you can bet your ass I’m not gonna let that affect me.

When the “only option” is success, there’s not really a question as to how much I need to do.  I’m gonna do anything and everything that needs to be done to make this profitable.  If that means putting in 12 hour days, then I’ll do that.  If that means getting up at 5 AM to get some extra work done, then I’ll do that as well.  If that means spending a Friday or Saturday night on the computer to get shit ready for the following morning, then I’ll do that too.

Failure and setbacks are always part of success.  Until you understand that, and fully internalize it, then you’ll always have some fear of failure.  If you want it bad enough, then none of the failures and setbacks will even matter to you.

T Harv Eker has a great quote about this mindset.  It goes something like this…

“Either you’re a person who will be stopped, or you’re a person who won’t be stopped.  It’s really that simple.”

When you figure out how bad you want it, and you make the decision that you’re a person that won’t be stopped…everything seems pretty straightforward.  The little voices in your head, and the negative people that try to bring you down won’t matter one bit.  Their comments won’t even register in your thought process.

No matter if your goal is to make more money, lose weight or find the woman of your dreams – Whether or not you’re successful all comes down to how bad you want it…

Think of that when you’re in a rut.  Or when you’re hitting rock bottom and wondering if you can even muster the energy to go on…

Just think…. How bad do you want it?








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